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Traditional Kashmiri spices and Herbs. Kashmiri spices and Herbs Kashmir, is known for its rich culinary heritage and the use of aromatic herbs and spices in its cuisine. Kashmiri herbs and spices add a distinct flavor and aroma to the dishes, making them unique and popular among food enthusiasts.

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Traditional Kashmiri spices and herbs are known for their unique flavors and aromatic profiles, making them popular ingredients in Indian and Kashmiri cuisine. If you’re looking to shop for Kashmiri spices online

Here are some commonly used Kashmiri herbs and spices:

  1. Waer Traditional Kashmiri Masala Tikki ,
  2. Morel Mushroom ,
  3. Kashmiri Dried Chilly ,
  4. Himalayan Rock Salt ,
  5. Cockscomb Powder ,
  6. Cockscomb Flower ,
  7. Kashmiri Mountain Garlic ,
  8. Kashmiri Pure Saffron,
  9. Kashmiri Red Chili Powder etc.