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Kashmiri Dried chilli (400gms)

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Kashmiri red chili, also known as Kashmiri mirch, is a vibrant, deep red chili pepper primarily cultivated in the Kashmir region of India. Renowned for its distinctive deep red color, Kashmiri red chili is treasured not only for its intense heat but also for its unique flavor profile, making it an essential ingredient in various culinary traditions, particularly in Indian, Pakistani, and other South Asian cuisines.

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Kashmiri red Chilli

Dried Kashmiri red chilies not only known for its hotness and aroma but also known for the rich culinary history. Spices of Kashmir is the soul of the valley of royal cuisines, which adds color, flavor, aroma, and taste. Kashmir origin red chilies are procured directly from the farms of Kashmir processed, then refined under proper supervision at every step and finally packed into a decent packing. The rich aroma of this Kashmiri spice intensify the richness of the dish. As they say, you first eat with your eyes and nose and then with your mouth and tongue, Kashmiri Mirch makes any dish qualified for such divine food experience. Kashmir origin red chilies are additionally a decent supply of beneficial minerals.

Buy Premium Kashmiri Chili Powder to Enjoy Authentic Flavors At Kashmiri Origin

Kashmiri Chili, with its bright red color and moderate heat, is used to enhance the flavor of many different foods. We at, Kashmiri Origin are pleased to provide you with authentic, high-quality Kashmiri Chili. Each of our chilies is hand-picked before being dried and pounded to a fine powder for optimal flavor and freshness. Our Kashmiri Chili is 100% natural, with no added ingredients or dyes, since we value purity and authenticity.

In addition, our Kashmiri Chili has a special blend of heat and flavor that makes it stand out. Its heat level is on the low to medium side, so you can enjoy its powerful flavor without getting burned out. The vibrant color of the chilies makes them a desirable ingredient for both cooking and garnishing. Let’s add the distinctive flavor and eye-catching hue that only our Kashmiri Chili can offer to your meals.


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