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Kashmiri chai, also known as Noon Chai or Sheer Chai, is a traditional tea beverage from the Kashmir region .Kashmiri noon Chai  is a pink-colored tea made with a special blend of tea leaves, milk, salt, and baking soda. The distinctive pink color of Kashmiri chai comes from the addition of baking soda during the brewing process. This tea is typically served hot and is known for its unique taste and aroma. It is often enjoyed with traditional Kashmiri breads or snacks.

Kashmiri Kahwa, on the other hand, is a traditional Kashmiri green tea. It is flavored with spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, and is often infused with saffron strands. Kashmiri Kahwa is known for its soothing and aromatic qualities. It is usually served hot and may be sweetened with honey or sugar. This tea is popular in the Kashmir Valley and is enjoyed for its refreshing and rejuvenating properties.