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Black Aari Embroidered Woolen Pheran | Fine Wool


This traditional Pheran is inspired by the Kashmiri culture. It is made from the best quality of wool, with intricate black aari embroidery. The unique design of this Pheran is alluring and eye catching, making it perfect for those looking for a traditional outfit that stands out from the crowd.

The woolen fabric of the Pheran ensures that you stay warm and comfortable while wearing it. The high-quality construction makes it long-lasting and durable. Moreover, the lightweight fabric allows you to easily layer the Pheran with other clothing items. Furthermore, the intricate embroidery adds an extra touch of elegance to the Pheran, making it a truly unique piece of clothing. For added convenience, this Pheran features two pockets that are perfect for carrying small items.

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Kashmiri embroidery
This traditional craftsmanship and ancestral technique of crafting clothes is known as the Kashmiri embroidery. This craft has evolved over centuries with different techniques and designs being used to create the truly unique Kashmiri Pheran. The Black Aari woolen Pheran is a great example of such craft. The main feature of Kashmiri embroidery is the use of a single hook needle to produce intricate and delicate designs.

The artisans employ different techniques such as hook work, zalakdozi and sitarkhani to create beautiful and geometrical patterns inspired by nature. Using fine wool as the base material, the artisans delicately stitch and pull along the woolen threads to form intricate detailing. Popular and traditional motifs like flowers, stars and cypress tree are commonly used in the design of this dress.

These woolen pherans are very comfortable to wear and provide excellent protection against the harsh cold weather of Kashmir. This is because of the fine wool used in its craftsmanship that is thick and highly absorbent. The vibrant and unique color combinations of these embroidered pherans make them stand out from other winter garments. The black aari woolen pheran has become an exquisite symbol of an ancient craft and a sign of sophistication.

Product Details
Color Black
Fabric Fine Wool-(72 Count)
Care Dry Clean
Size Length:-42″-43″ approx
Chest:-48″-50″ approx
Embroidery Machine Aari
Type 2 side pockets
Time To Make 7-10 Days
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