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Grey Base Zari Embroidered Fine Pheran

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A Grey Base Zari Embroidered  female pheran is a traditional garment worn in the valley Of Kashmir . The Phiran is a loose, long-sleeved gown or cloak that is an integral part of Kashmiri culture. It is typically worn by women, especially during the cold winter months to keep warm. In the bustling streets of modern cities, a timeless piece of clothing has been making a remarkable comeback the woolen female pheran. As kashmir origin is one of the best selling brand of kashmiri female pheran online. Originally hailing from the culturally rich Kashmir Valley, the pheran is become a beloved fashion statement, embracing new designs and captivating the hearts of people across the world.

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Handcrafted from the finest-quality  sourced locally in Kashmir, this Grey Base Zari Embroidered Fine Woolen Pharen not only exudes elegance but also offers exceptional warmth, making it an ideal choice for chilly weather.

As the popularity of the Kashmiri woolen female pheran continues to grow in modern cities, boutiques, online retailers, and fashion houses are rushing to meet the demand. The availability of diverse styles, colors, and designs has made the pheran accessible to a broader audience, including individuals with diverse fashion sensibilities.

The rebirth kashmiri fashion of the Kashmiri woolen female pheran in modern cities is a proof to the continuing appeal of tradition and the flexibility of Kashmiri woolen female pheran culture. This beloved piece of clothing, with its fusion of heritage, style, and warmth, has impressed out a special place in modern fashion. The increasing demand for Embroidered pheran work of kashmiri dress, a vibrant color palette, and innovative designs has not only breathed new life into the pheran but also ensured its continued relevance and popularity in metropolitan cities. In the modern world, the pheran stands as a symbol of authenticity and cultural heritage, capturing the essence of Kashmir’s rich legacy in every sew and design.

Product Details
Color Grey
Fabric Fine cashmilion
Care Dry Clean
Size Length:-42″-43″ approx
Chest:-48″-50″ approx
Embroidery Machine Aari
Type 2 side pockets
Time To Make 7-10 Days
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