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  1. Ladakh shilajit or Kashmiri Shilajit , in particular, is highly valued for its purity and potency. The extreme weather conditions and high altitude of the region where it is found are believed to contribute to the unique properties of this substance. Ladakh shilajit is harvested by local villagers during the summer months when the snow melts, and it is then purified and processed for sale.

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Also known as a Panacea or the Elixir of Life, Himalayan Shilajit ,Ladakhi Shilajit or pure shilajit is a substance that is believed to be a remedy for almost all health issues. Extracted from about 16000 ft above sea level, Kashmiri shilajit is a millenary tar-like superfood from nature.
Pure and Authentic, offering to you, The Himalayan  Shilajit or Kashmiri Shilajit from the source itself. It is mostly used in Ayurvedic medicine where it has proved to have a positive effect on the overall health of a person. From improving brain function, hemoglobin levels and heart health.

Help with obesity

Improve male fertility

Help with Alzheimer’s 

Help diabetics

Regulate hormones and the immune system.




  1. Take Pea-nut-sized Portion.
  2. Dissolved in hot water, tea, or warm milk and drink.
  3. Drink it on empty stomach every morning.



 The important classes of compounds are Fluvic acids, Selenium  and humic acids, trace elements, and 85+ Natural Minerals. Essentially constituted of the fresh and modified remnants of humus ? the characteristic organic constituent of soils.


pure Shilajit



To use shilajit, it is typically dissolved in water or milk and consumed as a beverage. It is also available in capsule or powder form for those who prefer not to drink it. However, it is important to note that while shilajit is generally considered safe, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or individuals with certain medical conditions. It is always best to consult with a healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your routine.
To check the purity of shilajit, there are several methods you can try. One method is to observe its physical properties. Pure shilajit should hold its form and not separate into clumps. Another way is to test its solubility. Authentic shilajit will dissolve in warm water or warm milk, creating a golden or reddish liquid. You can also conduct a simple water test. Take a small piece of shilajit and put it in water. If it readily dissolves within a few minutes, it indicates its authenticity. Another test involves refrigeration. Place a piece of shilajit in the refrigerator for some time. If it hardens and becomes brittle, it suggests that you have pure shilajit.
1. Take 1 Shilajit capsule with lukewarm milk after meals. 2. Continue this once a day for 2-3 months for better results.
Yes, Kashmir Origin Pure Shilajit Resin can be used by both men and women. However, it is important that a person speaks with a doctor before taking any natural supplements.
Yes, Ladakhi Pure Shilajit is a vegetarian product.
For the better results the Shilajit need to be consumed minimum for 3-4 months. People who wants to use it for long term please consult with the physician.


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