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White Aari Embroidered Silk Kaftan

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For the lovely you a pretty stylish silk kaftan with enhancement of fine Aari Embroidery, The front of the Kaftan is done in the aari Work of flowers and vine. The back of the Kaftan comes in the same singlet flower and vine motif which adds to the overall look of the Kaftan. The dress is ideal to wear on a casual summer day or as beachwear summer day when all you want to feel is the coolness of a fabric against your skin. The embellishment follows an elaborate process starting with the Naqash who traces nature inspired motifs over plain pieces of cloth. The imprinted fabric is then passed onto a Artisan who uses a specialized hook called Aari, to embroider it. Typically done on suits, shawls and bags, Aari kaem works its colorful charm on a plain drape and inspires in it a lively ethnic appeal.


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