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Geographical Indication (GI Pashmina) Special occasions and ceremonies are a time when one adorns themselves with beautiful and unique attires, this adds to the glamour and Specialty of the day. Especially when the attire consists of a piece of clothing, which is hand spun and hand woven into a tight weave and lies in conjunction between the heritage art of Kashmiri shawl weaving and the modernity of times. Wear it to any formal or casual occasion and let it lift your attire in the most luxurious mien. Bearing the GI mark of authenticity, A solid cashmere pashmina stole of an ever voguish pattern for the lovers of vogue to guzzle in their everyday. The stole is for someone who puts no effort while styling up, especially in the way they accessorizes Because they believe the real grace lies in the authentic wraps they wears – which is a certified hand spun and hand-woven Pashmina stole, in a solid color shade, resting over your winter ensembles in the most exquisite fashion. Keeping the authenticity and age old techniques in mind, introducing GI pashmina products in order to preserve century?s old art. GI label is a US patent stamp on the original ?Kashmiri pashmina? fabric or its products, known as GI mark. It is a mark which is put on those pashmina products which are hand woven and the yarn used to make these products is hand spun and are shawls from Kashmir From hand spun yarn to hand-woven shawls and hand embroidery, its all handcrafted. Symbolic of purity and originality, it is a prestige to own an eminent art.

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