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Blue Base Handmade Paper Mache Flower Vase (Set Of 2) | Kashmiri Paper Mache 15 x 18 INCHES

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Our sculpted motifs of papier mache are no less than souvenir. They have been made by the craftsmen using the right materials and hand painted. A craftsman used paper and glue to mould out the sculpture and form it into an object. A finished Papier mache product is made up of pieces of paper or pulp that are often reinforced with cloth or other materials and bonded together with an adhesive paste. These are glazed to keep them shiny and protected. Our exciting range of Papier Mache products includes a variety of arts, from fine art sculptures to pinatas and kids’ crafts.This handcrafted floervase is a souvenir cum d??cor item to add a little art and beauty to your interior. The artisan has worked hard to bring out something from an ordinary paper and has enhanced its beauty by creating beautiful designs using papier mache. The tropical pattern on golden colored surface proves the craftsman’s extraordinary craftsmanship and skills. This item is perfect for you to take home or gift to your loved ones. The vase shimmers, accentuating its surroundings in a way that allures the onlookers. The vase is hand crafted in the magical Paper Mache craft, in a subtle cream white base, over which colourful little birdies sing the praises of the paradise that they belong to. An ideal gift for housewarming, the vase will be loved by the one whose taste of art is the most classy.


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