Dried Figs - The nutrition powerhouse - Figs- aren't available all the year round, but thanks to dried figs, we can savor the dense health benefits of this power food any time we want. Fresh figs are naturally dried in the sun to remove excess water and the resulting fruit has a longer shelf life and myriads of health benefits which include:

. Benefits for the skin

. Benefits for bones

. Benefits for blood pressure

. Improvement in the immune system

. Help in Weight Loss

Product Details
Ingredients Dried Figs
Alternate name सूखी अंजीर
Weight 250 gms, 400 gms
Drying process Sun Dried
Type Organic, Vegetarian
COD Available For This Product
Expiry 12 months from the date of packaging

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Kashmir Origin | Premium Anjeer | Dried Figs |Figs | सूखे अंजीर

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