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 Kashmiri Pashmina, also known as Cashmere in the west, is obtained from the Himalayan Capra Hircus goat which is found in Ladakh. Kashmiri Pashmina shawl is the most sought after fabric in the world, and is loved by the entire world alike. This collection features Kashmiri Pashmina shawls in every design you can dream of. Hand embroidered in Sozni, these Pashmina shawls come in deep and neutral shades to perfectly blend with your apparel. Obtained directly from the grass root artisan, our Pashmina shawls go through a stringent quality control check to make sure you get the best of this treasured traditional asset Buy pure Kashmiri Pashmina shawls from Kashmir Origin with a promise of high quality and purity that delights you now, and for a lifetime.  

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Black Bootidar Sozni Embroidered Handwooven Pashmina shawl

  • ₹35,000
  • ₹28,000